Services for Medical & Dental Professionals

Kernutt Stokes understands the challenges facing medical and dental professionals. We have been providing accounting, tax and consulting services to a variety of health care organizations for many years, so we have the experience necessary to handle the external factors like HMOs, prepaid health plans and state and federal regulations that compete for attention with the duties of running and maintaining a successful practice.

Healthcare providers face a growing number of industry-specific challenges each day, and the professionals of Kernutt Stokes know how to address each of these issues effectively and efficiently. We ensure that our healthcare clients have the capability to confront these challenges head on so they can continue with patient-focused, day-to-day activities. We consult on all aspects of running an office with the goal of enhancing efficiencies and profitability.

Kernutt Stokes works with a diverse group of healthcare clients, from single office practitioners to large medical management service organizations. From starting up offices to reorganizing operations to capitalizing on business opportunities, our team will help you identify your needs and implement a plan that is customized for you. Our timeliness, non-disruptive approach and quality of work are outstanding, and we strive to provide useful, progressive guidance to help you keep your business competitive in the challenging world of health-care services.

A thorough review of accounting and bookkeeping systems allows us to:

  • Ensure proper controls are in place
  • Design and implement successful billing and collection policies
  • Help with hiring qualified personnel
  • Consult on developing competitive compensation and benefit programs for your employees
  • Advise on progressive cost-containment strategies
  • Develop long-term strategic plans
  • Design physician compensation programs
  • Recommend profit-allocation models for the owner physicians

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