Private Accounting Services

Running a small or medium-sized business or nonprofit is becoming increasingly challenging. Maintaining and analyzing business finances takes time and expertise that not all business owners or managers have. Hiring an in-house chief financial officer and accounting department isn’t always feasible, and having the time or expertise to critically review financial data isn’t easy.

Private accounting, also called “managerial accounting,” at Kernutt Stokes is made up of two primary services: Fractional CFO and Virtual Accounting. Clients may choose to hire us for one service or both. Our high-level strategic insight partnered with our efficient and accurate virtual accounting services can free up business owners to focus on what they do best – running their businesses.

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Fractional Chief Financial Officer

A CFO analyzes accounting reports to provide data-based insight for business development, staffing organizational structure, products and services, and ultimately the direction of the business. But hiring a full-time CFO isn’t always practical. Business owners and bookkeepers of small and mid-sized businesses can fill in the gaps, but often they don’t have the time or expertise to understand what the financial information is telling them to guide the long-term success of their businesses.

At Kernutt Stokes, a “fractional CFO,” or a CFO who works part time for businesses, will review your accounting information and provide strategic guidance to your organization without having to hire a full-time employee. Our combined years of experience of working in a multitude of industries allows us to review your finances with a thorough understanding of your business, and to provide guidance to reach your goals.

Virtual Accounting Services

Cloud-based technology has changed the accounting industry and how businesses manage their accounting needs. Kernutt Stokes offers Virtual Accounting Services to provide full-service accounting needs – from payroll, accounts payable, and more – using current, secure and reliable cloud-based technology. Hiring a full-time bookkeeper and managing their hiring, training and eventual replacement can be a challenge. Virtual Accounting Services at Kernutt Stokes provides a cost-effective alternative so you can always access your financial information, and know it will be managed accurately and efficiently.

Who We Are

Erik Parrish, CPA, CMPE, Fractional Chief Financial Officer
Erik Parrish, CPA, CMPE, Fractional Chief Financial Officer
As the lead of Kernutt Stokes’ Private Accounting Services, Erik leads a team that provides virtual accounting services to clients in a broad range of industries. He was named 2017 CFO of the Year by the Portland Business Journal, and provides high-level expertise to clients as their fractional CFO. Read More »

John Nepute, CPA, Fractional Chief Financial Officer
John Nepute, CPA, Fractional Chief Financial Officer
John provides fractional CFO services at Kernutt Stokes, where he serves small and mid-sized businesses and nonprofits in multiple industries. He is a highly qualified financial executive with more than thirty years of experience ranging from small privately held companies to large, publicly traded, manufacturing companies. Read More »