Brewery: Do I Need an Audit?

At Kernutt Stokes, we understand that your number one priority is producing high quality beer. As a member of the Oregon Brewers Guild, we stay apprised of the intricacies of the industry and are dedicated to helping your operations be profitable.

Our team knows that building and growing a brewery is enjoyable, yet it can be complicated and time consuming. While there are many factors that are simply beyond your control (including malt and hop crops, or economic conditions), our industry professionals can assist you with the factors that you can control. We have the experience to help you develop and implement a strategic plan to meet your financial and operational needs, allowing you to do what you do best – concentrate on your product.

Kernutt Stokes works with multiple well-known breweries and wineries throughout Oregon. We “get” your industry and take pride in understanding your business from top to bottom to leverage opportunities. Whether you need an equipment cost analysis, financial statement analysis, inventory costing, or tax planning, Kernutt Stokes can help.

Contact Don Lance or Matthew Diment to ask any questions or to receive informational updates that may pertain to your business! We’re pleased to contribute to the financial success of your company.